Photoblog: descriptions



Milano double expositions with a rollei 35xf analogue camera 35mm. I shoot first the roll using half of the iso, using flowers and nature to have a background, than i reshoot the roll with various subjects. In this case people in the street.



Bansko, Bulgaria. For this pictures I used a special Washi’s roll made for aerial photography, with a nominal iso 500. In my pocket a tiny Rollei 35, able to shoot awesome pictures despite freezing temperatures and occasional falls on the track!



Antonella. I was so mad after developing this pictures. Mistakes are more probable and can be caused by external agents. The line is light that passed on the film throught the inspection windows of the camera. Probably the paper’s black filter that holds the film was to weak! The all film is ruined, I thought…



In september in Italy is still very hot, the memories of the summer are still vivid and the lake of Varese is the place to chill. The pictures are shot using a Rollei xf35 and a konika expired film… exept the last one that was shot with iphone 5s with no filters applied!



Long exposures with fp100, monte stella and the gattamelata underpassage.



This is a Polaroid Fp100. I shot from the window, what is a familiar and common activity in the traditional “casa di righiera milanese”, that is the tipical popular housing of milan, that had a evolution due to the gentrification.



This roll is a Rollei retro iso 80: developed with Kodak HC110. The result of the developement at 20 degrees celsius was to strong and the negative result had a very high contrast. Scanning the picture was a trouble due to dust and to much darkness in the shadows. (25mm of developer in a tank of 400mm at 20′ c for 10 minutes)



A Rollei 35 s for Julia Coddinton’s workshop in May 2018.



Sometimes Milano, I admit, can be weird. People can be weird. Or it can be just a place to chill or work. Can be solar and can be dark.



Milano sky line used to be flat, in the last 10 years modern design found space between the antique and liberty buildings, giving us new areas to explore. This is the last of the 3 new buildings in the old Fiera di milano area, they call it “Lo storto” because of the banana shape.



This is Angelo, an agency sent him to studio Drella. the pictures are shot with a sony r and a leica summicron 35.



After the line n. 5 was build they notice that something was missing! So now they building line n. 4. This is as close I got to the construction site, than sadly but politetly, I was asked to move 🙂



Recently I wanted to make some double exposures with a Polaroid Macro 5! I have unused pictures to try, expired from the 70s : the thing is they lost most of the iso. the stripe is the rolls that need to be clean and the polaraids despite being a disappointment, where pretty all together and i kept them!



The Sk8border was shot on a 6×6 film in the format of 6×4,5 in day light with long exposure of 0.5 sec, the close up are with the help of a flash



For this picture I’ll give you the boring data! Film roll rollei retro 80. leica cl, summicron 35 t1/2 sec, 1 3 strobo at 3hz