Oriunda jewels – Still life

Still Life photography, digital photography shot with an analogue lens. https://www.oriundajewels.com/

RollingStone.it: Eurovision event Divano Rolling.

My very first job for Rolling Stone, the format was Divano rolling a twitter live event during Eurovision. https://www.rollingstone.it/cinema/foto-cinema/dalleurovision-a-twitter-cosa-e-successo-sabato-al-divano-rolling/365556/

Twice for Imutemagazine.com

This is my pictures originally shot for the editorial Twice for Imutemagazine.com was shot on Fuji Fp100 using a Polaroid 180. The negatives were washed to leave a trace, but where not selected for this job. You can spot my polaroids positives here and there in the final revision. I got credits as retoucher http://imutemagazine.com/twice-webitorial-imute-magazine/

DrellaStudio.com Orto at 6 degrees.

Back stage For Drella Studio, Enrico Magri e Aldo Marci are making a picture with a XIX camera of Alianz skyscraper in Milan. Gen 2019 https://drellastudio.com/2019/01/08/ortocromatico-a-6-gradi/#jp-carousel-392